SUB for Kontakt 5 released!

It is very common to enhance the low end of certain instruments in the mixing process. This is not only true for kick drums or low percussions but also for harmonic instruments like basses (acoustic or electric) or even sound effects. A simple sine wave underneath those instruments can make a huge difference. Normally, you would use a generic sine wave generator but probably you will run into one or more problems. SUB solves this problems and saves us time. Please visit the product page to learn more about SUB. It's available for only 8$ at this page here.

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E-Ukulele – VIP version released

Many users of our free E-Ukulele asked us how they can donate for this library. Instead of a simple donation we thought it would be cooler to record even more sample content, add some nice features and create a “VIP version” of E-Ukulele. Please have a look at the “Free vs. VIP” page for more details. Just to be clear, the free version will stay free and available! product page: E-Ukulele

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Major update for Hammered Acoustic Guitar released!

Based on the feedback of HAG users and driven by new ideas and creativity we felt that it was about time to make some improvements to HAG: HAG Core was completely re-built from scratch, including new mapping, new features and a complete new script drastically reduced RAM footprint in Kontakt by no increasing of CPU usage (Core) complete rework of all GUI elements ensemble function with up to 4 guitars at the same time, including dedicated mixer section with 4 channel strips in-built preset section with 4 additional user preset slots (Core)   We send out individual download codes to all existing HAG users for the free update!

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review: BEAT Magazine 5.5 / 6 points

In the recent issue of the BEAT Magazine HAG got 5.5 / 6 points! (04/2014) Hint: We're no resting at all, look out for our newsletter. :) BEAT Magazine - review of The Hammered Acoutic Guitar

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HAG Core Overview Video online!

Hi everyone! We're happy to announce that the first overview video on 'HAG Core' is online for you! Hope you're enjoying it! More videos on HAG FX & Percussion and how we use HAG in our workflow will follow soon. Thanks a lot for your support! Daniel & Frank

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HAG Release on April 29th (new demos online)

Hi there! We're thrilled to announce the release of our "Hammered Acoustic Guitar" on monday. After an intense time of development and production we make 'HAG' available to you, so you can use it yourself. Especially there's no need to break your own or somebody else's acoustic guitar! :) Thanks everyone being involved in the production process, be it as a beta tester, composer or supporter! You rock!! cheers, Daniel and Frank      

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