• Bill ThompsonAudioenterprise

    The quality of the samples is first rate. The cleverness of the idea is first rate. The UI is so easy to navigate (love the changing logo when you use the mod wheel).
    And I'd have emailed sooner, but I just finally pulled myself away from the keyboard.
    It's addictive. Really - an outstanding library.
    Kudos to all who were involved in creating it!

  • Arthur HendriksFilmscore NL

    For me HAG is a very tingling, bright and airy percussive guitar lib which adds freshness to my compositions. It is highly inspirational. It's that spark that ignites creativity.

  • Review 09/2013: The Audio Spotlighttheaudiospotlight.com

    ...The attention to detail in sound really shows how well this library was put together.
    summary: Hammered acoustic guitar is a unique library and will bring you many hours of fun while playing with it. Its strong sound quality will bring a whole new vibe to your tracks.
    verdict: great value, 4.8/5 stars

  • HAG brings me the chance to add roughness and that unique organic feeling that sometimes is not possible to achieve with other libraries. It sounds like a legendary instrument from another world, and works flawlessly in many contexts, from ethnic music to hybrid neo-orchestral. Awesome stuff.

  • I have been using the Hammered Acoustic Guitar FX library lately - what a fantastic library it is! The library has great sonic diversity and is extremely versatile - it excels in both intimate and epic scores. It really can yield amazing results easily. All the recordings are recorded super well, and the mangled up sound are unique and well produced. You will get sounds in this library that you simply can't find anywhere else.

  • To me, the best part about HAG is its versatility. You wouldn't think it based solely on the name, but it's a fantastic percussion library with some really great sounds. Then you load another patch and you have this incredibly unique melodic instrument. As a composer, the ability to have these unique sounds that so few people have heard before is worth the library's weight in gold. There's a ton of mileage to be had in HAG and at this point I feel like I've only scratched the surface.

  • When I'm writing and searching for inspiration, I love the organic, living breathing qualities in sound design. Something that ensures a connection to something very real is happening even with a sample. I think HAG captures that organic magic so well. It adds some grit, flavour and realism that is so often missing from sampled matter. HAG makes that essential leap from just sound design, to actual 'new instrument' territory.

  • Matt BowdlerThe Unfinished

    For my music I’m interested in unusual organic textures and HAG delivers that in numerous ways. These are great sounds that are both familiar AND unfamiliar at the same time, and I love that. As a sound designer myself, I can feel the attention to detail in every note. It’s a great library; flexible and unique.

HAG Full Bundle
79 € / 99 $

HAG Core
45 € / 59 $

(Prices excl. VAT)

HAG FX & Percussion
45 € / 59 $

The Concept

Hammered Acoustic Guitar (HAG) is the result of „playing“ an Ibanez AE acoustic guitar with drum sticks and brushes. In order to make it punchy and powerful we used two steel strings and tuned them to same pitch. This way we could maintain a slight modulation of the sound, a beat frequency.

But we did not stop after recording single notes. In fact, we have expanded the concept and did additional recording sessions dedicated to percussion and effect sounds. Especially the FX content is heavily processed and offers great material for musical sound design. Check out the special features of each package in the tab menu below. Also, you shouldn’t miss to take a closer look at the patch list.

Important note: In order to use HAG you have to have the full version of Native Instruments‘ Kontakt 5.1 (or higher). This library does not work with the free Kontakt Player.

About the v1.5 update

Based on the feedback of HAG users and driven by new ideas and creativity we felt that it was about time to make some improvements to HAG:

  • HAG Core was completely re-built from scratch, including new mapping, new features and a complete new script
  • drastically reduced RAM footprint in Kontakt by no increasing of CPU usage (Core)
  • complete rework of all GUI elements
  • ensemble function with up to 4 guitars at the same time, including dedicated mixer section with 4 channel strips
  • in-built preset section with 4 additional user preset slots (Core)

This package consists of the master patch. It is great for harmonic rhythms, accents or melodic lines.

  • Core Master patch with in-built preset section (Sticks, Sticks mellow, Brushes, Brushes mellow, 4 ensemble presets, 4 user preset slots)
  • 7 additional patches /w different FX chains
  • bonus patch: Dirty Slam Hits
  • up to 9x round robin per note per velocity
  • up to 7 velocity layers
  • 771 samples
  • 1.2 GB Kontakt .ncw format
  • 44.1kHz / 24bit / stereo

In this package you find all percussive sounds and the FX section. This is great for spicing up your tracks.

  • 44 patches total
  • morphing feature in all percussion patches
  • 4 tonal fx patches (over 16 ambiences)
  • 1.474 samples
  • 1.2 GB Kontakt .ncw format
  • 44.1kHz / 24bit / stereo

Simply said, you get everything what is included in ‚Core‘ and ‚FX & Percussion‘ and even more. We have created some special patches which make use of both sample contents.

  • includes ‚HAG Core‘ & ‚HAG FX & Percussion‘
  • bonus patches (bundle multis)
  • 2.305 samples
  • 2.5 GB Kontakt .ncw format
  • 44.1kHz / 24bit / stereo

Many ways to get creative with HAG

  • make rhythmic sections (the in-built presets are a great and easy way to start creating your own sound according to ‚your‘ taste)
  • play HAG as a solo instrument, choose between the modern (perfectly tuned) and the ‚organic‘ sample set
  • use the FX & Percussion section to spice up or even create tracks entirely with it
  • use sounds from HAG FX & Percussion for musical sound design:
    features like the morphing slider (morphs between clean and distorted percussion), reverb on the modwheel (sampled) or tempo-synced stutter FXs give you the flexibility to sculpture the sound to fit your track.The organic feel of both, the natural and processed content freshens up sterile sounding compositions.


  • HAG v1.5 manual download.
    Get the FREE v1.5 Bonus Patch here.
    (combined sounds produced with some patches from FX & Percussion)
    Get the FREE Sci-Fi Sounds by Zdravko Djordjevic here.

FX Patches

FX – 01 – Bend Hits MW
FX – 02 – Dungeon Hits MW
FX – 03 – Rattle Bends MW
FX – 04 – Rattle Hits (full) MW
FX – 05 – Rattle Hits (low) MW
FX – 06 – Rattle Hits (strings) MW
FX – 07 – Slam Hits MW
FX – 08 – Reverse Slam Hits MW
FX – 09 – Combined Blasts MW

FX – 10 – Mangled Up-Downers MW
FX – 11 – Mangled Up-Downers (Gritty) MW
FX – 12 – Mangled Downers MW
FX – 13 – Mangled Downers (Gritty) MW
FX – 14 – Mangled Bends MW

FX – 15 – Ambiences & Pads KS MW
FX – 16 – Darkness (full) MW
FX – 17 – Darkness (amb) MW
FX – 18 – Darkness (sub) MW
FX – 19 – Short Drones MW
FX – 20 – Lost Pings (Tonal) MW
FX – 21 – Bell Ambience (Tonal) MW
FX – 22 – Plucked (Tonal) MW

FX – 23 – High Riser MW
FX – 24 – Arising Shadows MW
FX – 25 – Up in the Air MW
FX – 26 – Don’t turn around MW
FX – 27 – Glorious Thunder MW
FX – 28 – Impacts long MW
FX – 29 – Impact Hits MW
FX – 30 – Supernova MW
FX – 31 – Visions MW

Percussion Patches

Perc – 00 – MASTER Ens. MW
Perc – 01 – Low Drum1 MW
Perc – 02 – Low Drum2 MW
Perc – 03 – Mid Drum MW
Perc – 04 – Metal MW
Perc – 05 – Nails MW
Perc – 06 – Bongo MW
Perc – 07 – Wood MW
Perc – 08 – Brush MW
Perc – 09 – Swish MW
Perc – 10 – Hihat1 MW
Perc – 11 – Hihat2 MW
Perc – 12 – Saw MW

Core Patches

Master Patch (Sticks, Brushes and Ensembles)
BONUS: Dirty Slam Hits MW


  • all versions of HAG require the full retail version of NI Kontakt v5.1 or higher
  • PC 2.4Ghz, 4GB RAM or MAC 2.6Ghz, 4GB RAM
  • ability to download
  • up to 2.5GB of harddrive space (depends on the version of HAG)
  • the downloaded files are in .zip archive format, you’ll need to extract the files;
    for Windows users: http://www.win-rar.com/download.html
    for Mac users (OSX): http://www.unrarx.com

Tech Specs

  • up to 9x round robin per note per velocity (Core)
  • up to 7 velocity layers (Core)
  • morphing feature included in percussion patches (FX & Perc)
  • 4 tonal fx patches (FX & Perc)[1 /w 16 ambiences, 3 /w random detune function]
  • size Core content: 1.2 GB Kontakt .ncw format
  • size FX & Percussion: 1.2 GB Kontakt .ncw format
  • sample resolution: 44,1kHz / 24bit stereo

HAG FX Features

  • up to 10 variations of each sound

Using key switches makes it easy to select the perfect sound for your track. Great control for musical sound design.

  • free playable midi gate /w density slider

By hitting on midi gate you are able to create rhythmical pulses or stutter effects. Also make use of the density slider to alter the effect.

  • dedicated effects section

On top of the playable range of each instrument you find key switches which let you turn on/off single effects like distortion, chorus or flanger.

  • 16 different ambiance sounds

This special patch is designed to create sonic backgrounds. In addition to midi gate you can trigger patterns which run in sync to your host tempo.

  • detune slider in tonal patches

Don’t want the instrument to play in perfect pitch? Use the detune slider and play some creepy out-of-tune phrases for instant horror feeling.

  • in-built depth and space

By using the modwheel you add space to each sound. Use this function to blur the sound and to push it into the background.

HAG Perc Features

  • master patch

This patch gives you access to all percussion instruments in one go. If you are looking for more control over each sound, go for single patches.

  • morphing slider

Each clean percussion sound has its own bad twin. By moving this slider you adjust the ratio between good and evil (or clean and distorted).

  • in-built depth and space

Each percussion instrument has its own depth and space layer. This is also true for their bad twins. Move the modwheel to make use of this function.

HAG Core Features

  • ensemble function (new in V1.5!)

You can play up to 4 guitars at the same time (2x Sticks, 2x Brushes). Modify each guitar separately to shape your sound.

  • 4 channel strip mixer (new in V1.5!)

Each guitar runs through its own channel strip. Create wide stereo images or automate the controls along your track.

  • in-built presets section (new in V1.5!)

Jump through 8 different presets (4 single layer, 4 ensemble presets) or create your own by using the user preset slots.

  • select sound source (new in V1.5!)

Determine what strings of the guitar shall be used for playback. This can also be randomized!

  • ‚add magic‘ slider

This additional sound layer enhances overtones and presence. Use magic carefully and don’t overdo it as it alters the original sound.

  • mellow function

If you are looking for an intimate sound with a smaller dynamic range, these patches are for you. They are very suitable for piano-esque playing.

  • Dirty Slam Hits

This bonus patch provides an aggressive and distorted sound. Additionally, a set of string hits is included as well.

  • ‚modern‘ button

When this button is turned on, all samples are tuned perfectly and the overall sound is a little bit brighter. When turned off the sound appears a little bit sloppy with more character. The difference between both is subtle, but it’s there.