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Do you give refunds?2013-03-26T18:00:56+02:00

No. Downloaded software cannot be returned, and therefore we cannot make refunds.

So please make sure you fully evaluate the product and listen to the demos and ask any questions before purchasing.

What kind of payments do you accept?2013-03-26T17:58:13+02:00

Our secure payment partner is Fastspring.

You can pay using one of the following options:

Credit cards*

This includes cards like VISA, MasterCard and American Express.

What is your policy concerning updates?2013-03-03T19:48:27+02:00

Since we both are full-time working composers we know how important it is to add new features to custom libraries if needed. We improve on existing custom libraries and try to make them as good and useful as possible. Why? Because they are part of our own palette as well.

Will there be more custom libraries in the future?2013-03-03T19:48:58+02:00

Sure. We have created many libraries so far, but most of them are not for sale right now. This will probably change over time.

What is audiowiesel?2013-03-03T19:49:18+02:00

audiowiesel creates custom sample libraries and audio tools. It was founded in 2012 by Frank Herrlinger and Daniel Szwedek.

Do I get instant download links after purchasing?2017-03-13T22:38:22+02:00

Yes, you should have received your personal download links from our distribution partner after purchasing. If you didn’t get any email or download instruction after 2 hours please get in contact with us.

What does HAG mean?2013-03-03T18:45:51+02:00

HAG is an abbreviation for „Hammered Acoustic Guitar“. This is the name of our first custom sample library.

Needs HAG to be activated?2013-03-03T19:10:38+02:00

No. All version of HAG are ready to use after installation. You don’t need to activate it.

Why is HAG available in three different versions?2013-03-03T18:59:18+02:00

The sounds included in ‚HAG Core‘ and ‚HAG FX & Percussion‘ are very different from each other. We don’t want to force anybody to buy the whole bundle if he is only interested in one of the packages.

If you want to have all sounds available, go for ‚HAG Full Bundle‘.

Is HAG available as boxed product?2013-03-03T19:13:36+02:00

No. HAG is not available as boxed product, it is for download only.

Can I see the manual without having purchased HAG?2013-03-03T19:24:08+02:00

Sure. You can download the complete manual of HAG on our product site.

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