Harmonics released!

"Harmonics" covers overtones from e-bass, e-guitar and e-ukulele. Another great and useful tool from our signature series! Now available for 19 € / 22 $ (excl. VAT) here.

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Musicbox released!

We're happy to present you a new library from the Frank Herrlinger Signature Series: The Music Box In general, you can’t have enough music boxes. Every one of them sounds a bit different and adds something unique to your sound palette. Furthermore the added features and different sound sets provide a lot room for creative use. Enjoy!

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HAG FX & Percussion Overview Video

And here we go with our second overview video. This time we focus on "HAG FX & Percussion". This will give you some ideas of what is included in the package! Thanks for watching!

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HAG Release on April 29th (new demos online)

Hi there! We're thrilled to announce the release of our "Hammered Acoustic Guitar" on monday. After an intense time of development and production we make 'HAG' available to you, so you can use it yourself. Especially there's no need to break your own or somebody else's acoustic guitar! :) Thanks everyone being involved in the production process, be it as a beta tester, composer or supporter! You rock!! cheers, Daniel and Frank      

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Announcing Release of Hammered Acoustic Guitar!

After many months of development audiowiesel happily announces the release of its first custom sample library called Hammered Acoustic Guitar. New demo songs will be online soon. In the meantime, feel free to have a look at the manual or the patch list on the HAG product page.

Von |2013-03-08T19:15:38+02:00März 8th, 2013|News|
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