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  • Przemyslaw Kopczyk

    Simplicity is one of the many things which makes me creative as a composer and that's exactly what I like about the Snaps& Claps library. Its ease of use and the possibility to shape the sounds any way you like, in order to create more new sounds is what makes it a neat tool.

  • Markus Zierhofer

    I totally love the ensemble builder and also the user preset bank. It's so versatile and flexibel that it is even a source of inspiration for me.

  • Dirk Ehlert

    Snaps and Claps is a great tool and really easy to use. Due to its features you get amazing results very quickly. If you are looking for snap or clap
    sounds, don't look any further.



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Snaps and Claps
12 € / 15 $

The idea behind Snaps and Claps

We truly believe that this tool solves a specific problem! And that is, using the right snap or clap sounds in your tracks. We created this library as a time-saver to prevent us from doing the same work over and over again. In particular, recording snaps/claps in the studio and mixing them afterwards. Instead, we put an enormous amount of work and time into flexibility and detail in order to make this tool as helpful as possible:

There is an intigrated „stage control“ mixing tool with 5 distances and width control, a dedicated section for randomness, over 60 round robin notes on each velocity layer and also a free scalable ensemble builder from 1 to 20 sounds at a time. We also included the dry samples to let you make use of your own spatial tools.

Besides that, we are very happy to mention that there is also an extensive user preset bank included (over 72 .nki files). This preset bank was created by some very talented professionals (composers, sound designers and also sample developers) from the VI-Control forum.

This library can be used in an acoustic or electronic context. It’s not just about snap and clap sounds, it is a crative and easy-to-use tool to make the life of composers, music producers and sound engineers easier.

Important note: In order to use Snaps and Claps you have to have the full version of Native Instruments‘ Kontakt 5.3 (or higher). This library does not work with the free Kontakt Player.

This is an overview of what you will find in Snaps and Claps:

  • insane 60 round robin notes for each of the 4 velocity layer
  • 5 different mic positions: 0.5 ft, 2 ft, 4 ft, 7 ft and 10 ft
  • ensemble builder up to 20 snaps or claps at a time
  • controlled randomness for pitch, velocity and starting time
  • stereo width and panorama control
  • VI-Control forum user preset bank (72 hand-picked .nki patches);
    see patch list under ‚Details‘ on the bottom of this page
  • dry samples are also included as bonus
  • 2,880 samples / 224 MB Kontakt .ncw format
  • 44.1kHz / 24bit / stereo

  • full retail version of NI Kontakt v5.3 or higher is requiered
  • PC 2.4Ghz, 4GB RAM or MAC 2.6Ghz, 4GB RAM
  • ability to download
  • up to 300 MB of harddrive space
  • the downloaded files are in .zip archive format;
    for Windows users:
    for Mac users (OSX):





Main patches

VI-Control forum user preset bank
Claps – A Thousand Miles Away
Claps – Arpinous
Claps – Clicky FX
Claps – Clop Clop
Claps – Drums – Crash
Claps – Drums – Hihat 1
Claps – Drums – Hihat 2
Claps – Drums – Kick 1
Claps – Drums – Kick 2
Claps – Drums – Kick 3
Claps – Drums – Open Hihat 1
Claps – Drums – Open Hihat 2
Claps – Drums – Shaker 1
Claps – Drums – Shaker 2
Claps – Drums – Shaker 3
Claps – Drums – Snare 1
Claps – Drums – Snare 2
Claps – Drums Single – Crash
Claps – Drums Single – Hihat 1
Claps – Drums Single – Hihat 2
Claps – Drums Single – Kick 1
Claps – Drums Single – Kick 2
Claps – Drums Single – Kick 3
Claps – Drums Single – Open Hihat 1
Claps – Drums Single – Open Hihat 2
Claps – Drums Single – Shaker 1

(*) credits can be found in the manual

Claps – Drums Single – Shaker 2
Claps – Drums Single – Shaker 3
Claps – Drums Single – Snare 1
Claps – Drums Single – Snare 2
Claps – Echoes
Claps – Electro Buzz
Claps – Epic Explosion
Claps – Geiger counting bubbles
Claps – Gun Single Shot
Claps – Knock knock Rhythm
Claps – Koopa Groova
Claps – Machine Gun
Claps – Mechanics
Claps – Metal Box
Claps – Old Woosh
Claps – Power Up your Snare
Claps – Ring Ring Rhythm
Claps – Ring Ring
Claps – Robotic Danger Rhythm
Claps – Robotic
Claps – Rotten Tube
Claps – Skater
Claps – Soft Machine
Claps – Steam Engine
Claps – Suspense 1 MW
Claps – Suspense 2 MW
CLaps – Taped Delay
Claps – Vintage Swoosh
Claps – Wooden Rhythm
Claps – Woodpecker Echo
Claps – Zip
Snaps – Breaking Glass
Snaps – Chopper
Snaps – Deep Fountain MW
Snaps – Deep Fountain
Snaps – Digibeez
Snaps – Electric Shock
Snaps – Frisbee
Snaps – Gate to Hell
Snaps – Metal Spring
Snaps – Plastic Can
Snaps – Shooting SnipSnap
Snaps – Snapstinets
Snaps – Tink
Snaps – TransElectro
Snaps – Wooden Punch

Multi – Drumset 1
Multi – Drumset 2a
Multi – Drumset 2b

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