• Sometimes when you get a new instrument, the music seems to write itself. I was really inspired to dig in when I got my hands on this one! audiowiesel's MusicBox provides a surprising amount of customization and character. I definitely recommend it.

  • Jonathan SharpComposer

    MusicBox is a great little instrument. I particularly like the randomise function, it takes it into much more experimental territory.

  • MusicBox is very organic and a great tool to add some personality to your audio productions. In particular, I really enjoy having different sound sources available.

10 € / 12 $

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Why another music box?

In general, you can’t have enough music boxes. Every one of them sounds a bit different and adds something unique to your sound palette. But that is only one reason why we have created MusicBox. We really wanted to make this as versatile and cool as possible. That’s why we included some great features to help you get inspired, such as, different sound sources, the famous detune-slider from our ‚Hammered Acoustic Guitar‘ and some unique presets.

Presets: Well, these are not just presets. We created completey new samples out of the original recordings to provide you some unique sound sets. Especially some of those are great for sound design work or layering purposes. And if you are looking for more variation, you even can randomize the presets with every note you play.

Different sound sources: Maybe you already know this feature from E-Ukulele. Select different sets of samples for playback. This way you have total control over tone and character. Also, this feature enables you to create very wide stereo images by layering two different sets. Technically, the sound sources give you 5 different music boxes! Our personal highlight is the ‚Broken set‘ which is just pure fun to play. And if you are bored of using just one set at a time, simply use the randomize function to add more variation and sonic movement.

Detune-slider: We introduced the detune-slider with the release of ‚Hammered Acoustic Guitar‘. MusicBox really offers itself to make perfect use of this feature. If you are looking for this specific horror feeling where the music gets out of tune while playing, this is it!

Important note: In order to use MusicBox you have to have the full version of Native Instruments‘ Kontakt 5.3 (or higher). This library does not work with the free Kontakt Player.

This is an overview of what you will find in MusicBox:

  • 11x round robin on every sample set
  • use natural or pitch-corrected samples for playback
  • 5 inspiring presets: „Double Tracked“, „Wobbly Chorus“, „Sunbaked“, „Hard UA610“, „Breaking Tape“
  • randomize presets and/or sound sources, even at the same time
  • intigrated detune-slider for all presets/sets
  • optional: add mechanical background noises to your playback
  • control over ADR
  • 651 samples / 397 MB Kontakt .ncw format
  • 44.1kHz / 24bit / stereo


  • full retail version of NI Kontakt v5.3 or higher is requiered
  • PC 2.4Ghz, 4GB RAM or MAC 2.6Ghz, 4GB RAM
  • ability to download
  • up to 500 MB of harddrive space
  • the downloaded files are in .zip archive format;
    for Windows users: http://www.win-rar.com/download.html
    for Mac users (OSX): http://www.unrarx.com

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